Monday, July 25, 2016

{My Parties} Miami University Graduation Party

This is SUCH a fun party! I don't often get the opportunity to design a party for a teenage boy! When I do get to do these types of parties, I always feel like it's my biggest challenge AND also my biggest chance to have fun with a theme! Eighteen year old boy's parties are sometimes tough because you don't want the party to look too juvenile, but you also don't want it to look too sophisticated. It needs to be FUN without being for a child. 
I think this party was the perfect mix! 

Our honoree, Josh, graduated high school earlier this year and this fall he will be headed off to Miami University in Ohio. I knew immediately that the masculine color palette of Miami University's red and black would be the perfect way to go for the party colors!

The focal point of this party was this gorgeous pool area! I knew I wanted to make a big statement, so I had these oversized letter balloons floated over the pool to spell out "Congrats Josh!"

I surrounded the pool with small cocktail tables covered in a simple black linen. I added a black and white striped runner to each of the tables for a pop of masculine print. 
Each table was surrounded by these red acrylic chiviari chairs. I have a huge crush on these and I have had my eye on them forever at White Door Events, just waiting on the opportunity to use them! They were absolutely perfect for this event!

The centerpieces were these fun geometric battery-operated lanterns that I picked up at Target! I chose red and grey versions and L&Jay Productions added them to a bed of red roses and greenery. Simply, masculine, and modern! 

To welcome our guests into this beautiful home, I added over 100 paper fans and honeycombs in combinations of red, grey, white, and black to the gorgeous stairway in the foyer. It was a "pow" moment!

I love a big moment at the entrance to a party, and this really did the trick!

Inside the party, the guests were immediately welcomed by a huge dual dessert display surrounding the fireplace. 
On each side of the fireplace, I added these oversized confetti balloons for height. 


Each of the dining tables had runners of red roses and pennants from Miami University.

One of my favorite details of this events is this giant decal I used on the fireplace. This mirrored fireplace surround was the perfect place to add this Miami University decal! What a great focal point for the party! And the best part? It peels right off!

I added these marquee letters to the mantle, which I personalized with red glitter and black and white washi tape. 

Now, let's talk food!
Our dual dessert station held some of Josh's favorite sweets. 
On one side, we had M&Ms (in red, black, and white of course), a red velvet and original Oreo cake (with milk of course!), and Twix "cigars."


For the Twix "cigars" I added these labels that I made on my Silhouette, personalized with Josh's name, because you know I love the details!

Simply Delicious ordered these Miami University logo cups for the milk for another fun detail!

On the opposite dessert station, we had more fun treats like red and black Twizzlers, Swedish fish, Buckeyes (for Ohio), and Pirouline diplomas tied with red ribbon. 

We also had an on-site live popsicle making station (it was HOT that day!)! I love this Thai popsicle maker!

For our beverage station, we had a super fun soda bar with personalized Jones Sodas in cherry lime!

 I had these napkins personalized at and I love how fun they are!

It's pretty cool to see your face on a soda!

And for the adults, "Josh" wine of course!

And, as if this party could get anymore awesome, Simply Delicious had a gorgeous spread of fun, summer food options for the guests!
A fresh summer salad station to keep the guests cool.....

A selection of pasta salads....

 Corn and black bean salad with Caprese skewers....

Chips and salsa (with red and black chips of course!)...

 Fresh fruit...

Assorted skewers and sandwiches...

For the main food table, I used these black and white linens and added a fun banner I made on my Silhouette and some Miami pennants. 

It's not a party without a photobooth!

This party was SO fun and I love how it turned out!

I had these custom cornhole boards made for Josh as well. They were a great gift, as well as a great party activity!

Thanks so much to Tricia and Andy for trusting me with Josh's party!
It was a blast!


Confetti Balloons: My Paper Crush
Letter Balloons:  Celebration Lane
Photography: Amy Hutchinson
Event Design: GreyGrey Designs

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