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{My Parties} Lego Party

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I had so much fun with this party. I love Lego building blocks and I really got to play with them for this party and use them in fun, new ways! These primary colors can be used for the smallest of kids, all the way up to pre-teens, to put together a fantastic Lego party.

There is so much party inspiration out there online for Lego inspired parties. They are such a classic toy and most every boy will want a building block inspired party at some point! I started this party design by creating my own giant blocks out of large pieces of cardboard.

If you don’t have access to any large pieces of cardboard, you can do what I did and use large white science-fair backdrops that you can pick up at most craft stores and big box stores. I use them all the time for large-scale projects! I cut them into 18” squares and 36×18” rectangles, so they would “fit” together. I painted them with simple tempera paint and added solid colored paper plates (dessert sized) to make them look like blocks. I simply hot-glued the plates directly onto the cardboard. Then, I punched holes in the tops and tied them together using zip ties. I hung them from my backdrop that I made from PVC pipe, but you can hang them from pretty much anything, even a nail in the wall.

I used the plastic table cloth, but I pulled it forward a little bit so that the lighter part was on the front of the table and I added this foam block banner that I picked up at Target. 

I had a little fun with my displays for this Lego party. Instead of using a typical riser for my cake stand, I took a big cylindrical vase and filled it with actual blocks from my kids’ collection.

Then, I turned it upside down and put my cake on top of it. This is one of my favorite tips. I often use my kid’s toys in parties! They are great for props!

The cake was a simple store-bought white cake that already had the perfect primary colored sprinkles.
I added these awesome fondant Lego blocks from my friend Brittany at Edible Details. It’s amazing how cute you can make a store bought cake look with some fun fondant details!

I also added white cupcakes and also topped them with the fondant blocks.
Then, I displayed them in a fun way, using these plastic cups as risers.

For the other yummy food, I made these cute little Lego blocks out of Rice Krispie treats.
These are pre-made krispie treats that I dipped into melting candies and then added chocolate candies for the details. They are SO easy!

I also added some push pops filled with Sixlets, and some flavored popcorn.

I took these simple yellow popcorn boxes and added block stickers to tie them in with the theme. Instead of using a dessert stand, I displayed them on big blocks. I added whirly pops into the popcorn for a cute display.
I hot-glued the cupcake toppers onto the front of the whirly pops as well.

Have fun “building” your next Lego party!
All styling and photography in this post prepared by Brittany Schwaigert of GreyGrey Designs.
Also featured in this party:
Fondant Blocks by Edible Details

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