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{My Parties} Olympics Party

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It's time for the summer Olympics! Are you ready? 
I am! I used to love watching the Olympics as a kid. The summer games are my favorite because I love to watch the gymnastics and the swimming!
So, I'm really excited to share this party I styled for Shindigz using their fun party products.
You can also see it on their blog too!
And JUST in time for the Olympics!

I started with these awesome cardboard columns that made me think of Greece, the home of the Olympics. 
Aren't they so cool?
They made the perfect table surround for my main party table. Then, I put a piece of PVC pipe on the tops of the columns and hung these foam wreaths from the top. You can find these in the floral section of any craft store. I painted mine with craft paint and tied them together using zip ties. 

I used gossamer in the five colors of the Olympic rings as runners for my table. I simply cut it to fit the table and then folded it in half to make it more opaque. 

I also used the gossamer on the backs of my chairs as chair sashes. I love these simple white spandex chair covers because you can really dress them up in a million different ways. I tied each length of gossamer in a knot on the front and cut off the excess. 

To dress up the sides of the table, I added these fun tissue honeycombs in the colors of the rings. 

For my party treats, I tried to incorporate the rings in a bunch of fun ways!
I styled the table to look like the winner's podium with these one tall white box in the middle, with two shorter ones on the side. 

On the middle, or the winner's spot, I placed a simple white confetti cake that I picked up at the grocery store. I added these cute paper flags of countries that participate in the Olympics and then I made these awesome chocolate covered oreo "ring" pops using a simple chocolate mold and candy melts. 

Fun AND delicious! 

I did another set of these oreos in front of the cake, displayed in a cute #1 cup I got at Target. 

For my second and third (or silver and bronze) winner's pedestals, I added some savory snacks like Funyuns (rings) and Bugles (torches). 
For an extra fun touch, I placed these gold laurel wreaths around the jars, just like the athletes would receive. 

In front of each of those podiums, I used my #2 and #3 cups and added some rock candy in the Olympic ring colors. 

How great are these torches from Shindigz? They are so fun! I mean, every Olympic party has to have a torch!  My 5 year old LOVED pretending to put his hand in the fire! You could use them in a variety of party themes!

And very Olympics party has to have GOLD MEDALS!
I made my gold medals using Golden Oreos which I spray painted with gold +Wilton color mist. I added red, white, and blue ribbon which I glued together to look like a ribbon necklace. I displayed them on a bed of red sixlets. 

I LOVE these flag party products and the "gold medals" look so awesome displayed on them!

For favors, I created these custom gumball tubes. And, since we are rooting for USA (of course!!), we had to have our labels represent!

How are you celebrating the Olympics? I would love to hear! Leave me a comment!
Oh, and GO USA!!

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