Friday, September 9, 2016

Create Your Own Photo Booth with Evite® Photo Booth!

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For several years now, almost every one of my clients requests a photo booth for their party!
It truly is one of the most popular activities for any party, regardless of the age of the attendees! Everyone loves to act silly for photos!
Just recently I was watching a pretty popular reality TV show and even they were holding their props and their silly hats and posing away!

But, what if you could make your own photo booth right at home for only a few dollars? 
That's where Evite® Photo Booth comes in! 
And you can do it all on your ipad! How easy is that? 
So, you know we had to try it out!

Even Coco got in on the fun! 

I taught my 5 year old how to use it (it's that easy!) and I found several photo strips of him today on my icloud stream! 

I love that you can even set up the background screen to be themed to your party!
We chose this football theme to try out because it's football season!

It's SO easy to use and you can really customize it for your event, even adding text, custom background, photo layouts and filters!
And just like a real photo booth, it has a countdown timer to tell you when it's ready to snap your pictures!

My favorite part is that you can save your photos in the app and then share them to all your social media! Or, you can print them with AirPrint. 

You know you want to download it to try to out yourself right? 

Thanks Evite®!

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  1. Such cute photos, thanks for sharing - we're so happy you like using it!


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