Tuesday, September 6, 2016

{My Parties} Home-Gating Football Watch Party

It's that time of year again!
College Football is here to entertain us throughout the fall!
Who's excited? 

Football watch parties will never go out of style. 
We just went this past weekend to see our Memphis Tigers open their season!
But, if you would rather stay home and home-gate than tailgate, then I've got some really fun ideas for you!
I styled this party last year for Evite and now it's already that time again! 

Let's start with this EASY football backdrop!
I had some peg board lying around at my house from another event, so I turned it around the noticed that it was brown on one side. 
It immediately made me think of the texture of a football. 
So, I used that for my backdrop and added white duct tape to make it look like a giant football!
How easy is that?

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The simple game day banner was made using a kit for green canvas banner from Michaels, and then adding simple letter stickers! 

As a "tablecloth" I used a roll of black and craft colored wrapping paper and then laid a runner of green astroturf over the top. Easy! 
The best part of any football party is the food, right? I filled my table with a bunch of football snacks that any fan would love!

I used a couple of simple risers made of wood to give it a rustic feel, and added some chalkboard details as well. 

Popcorn and Pretzels are a must! Serve them in these cute silver scalloped boxes for individual guests servings and way less mess!

You gotta have cheese dip at any good football party!

Halftime hoagies are such an easy thing to serve at a party. I picked these up at a local sub shop and simply piled them into these chalkboard box! 

For some extra fun, I made these astroturf coasters with some stick-on letters from WalMart. All I did was glue some astroturf to a cork coaster and stuck on a letter! I made our U of M, but you can do any school!

Cupcakes and football brownies were served for dessert. I made the cupcake toppers on my Silhouette! 

Beer and Dr. Pepper! What else do you need? 

So, if you are looking for fun and easy football party ideas, look no further!

Have fun Home-Gating this season!!

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