Wednesday, December 21, 2016

At Home New Year's Eve Party Ideas

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve? I prefer to stay at my house, cozy in my pajamas, with a warm pizza and a movie! Going out in the cold craziness is just not my style! At least it hasn't been my style since college! Ha!
But, what if you still want to have a party for your friends, but make it FEEL like you are going out on the town? 
Well, that's exactly what I am going to show you how to do today!
Make your at-home party just as glamorous as a party at a club! 

I started with a fun balloon arch! These are SO on trend right now in the party world and guess what? Anyone can make one! They are SO easy!
All you need is your favorite color balloons and some balloon tape! I used an electric air pump for my balloons (not helium) to make the process go faster. All you do is blow up the balloons and thread the tails through the balloon tape until you've completed the length you need! Easy! 
I used several different colors of balloons (11" and 5" sizes). 
You can use glue dots or adhesive to stick the little balloons in too. 


I personalized my party using this super fun backdrop from Shindigz! You can make it read anything you would like! I added a fun column next to it, to make it look like the balloons were spilling out of the column.  

On the front of the table, instead of using a tablecloth, I wrapped the table in gold and black floral sheeting. I love the way this looks so glittery and glamorous!

All you really need for New Year's Eve is champagne and cupcakes, right? Well that's what I think!

I dressed up my store-bought cupcakes by adding Candyfetti to the tops, along with a simple paper straw and some 2017 ribbon. Easy and CUTE!

For our champagne, instead of opening big bottles, I picked up these splits at the store. Each one had a straw taped to it. That way, if it's not open, your guests can also take it home. 

And for the toasts at midnight, I offered some modern flutes along with party horns in the colors of the theme. 

I always love giving guests something fun to take home.
These "bubbles" or personalized bubble gum tubes were a great addition to the party.

Another fun favor idea for New Year's Eve is cute Jelly Belly Champagne Jelly Beans! 
I displayed them in these super cute gold cups with gold bag shred. 

Every New Year's Party needs a confetti popper right? These are life size champagne bottle confetti poppers! How fun! And they made the perfect centerpiece for the party!

Happy 2017 to you and yours!!


Candyfetti: Sweets Indeed
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