Monday, March 27, 2017

{My Parties} Old School Hip Hop Party

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Who loves 80's Hip Hop?
I always think that there is a big need for some fun birthday party ideas for men. Not every man wants a beer or grilling or sports party. So, I had this idea to do an Old School Hip Hop Party, inspired by Run DMC and other 80s hip hop artists.

When I think of Hip Hop, I think of gold chains, Adidas, boom boxes, and brick walls. 

I wrapped my table in these fun brick patterned corrugated cardboard. 
For the front, I made this fun glittered banner on my Silhouette machine with the classic Hip Hop lyric "Hip Hop Hooray!" Now that song is in your head!

On either side of the table, these fun graffiti columns gave me the perfect place to attach my "gold chain" balloon arch. This is such an easy DIY. These are O letter balloons that I linked together to form a chain, then I taped them inside the columns. 

In the front of the table, I had to use these super fun boom box inflatable cooler. My little guy loves this cooler and now he keeps his toys in it!  For a while, he even hid inside it when we played hide and seek! Ha!

On either side of the columns, these giant speaker standees really brought the WOW!

For my treats, you know I love coming up with fun themed ideas!

For this party, I did a "Parental Advisory" chocolate bar, which I personalized to say "Straight Outta the 80s!"...

...drum sticks (pretzel rods), Hip HopCorn....

...and my personal favorite Microphone cupcakes and Headphone (Hostess Ding Dongs with Licorice). 

These cupcakes are a breeze to make with some simple Wilton Color spray and silver sugar. 

And for all the cool guests, I provided sunglasses and gold chains as favors. They took them home in these funny boom box favor boxes!

I hope this give you some great ideas for your next party! 

Party Supplies: Shindigz
All styling and photography: GreyGrey Designs


  1. While this is a cute idea, I think it's important to point out that NWA was hardcore rap, and Straight Outta Compton is an album that revolves around social injustice, racial tension, drug glorification and disrespect to women. So when I see suburban white females use it as a cute joke on T-shirts and for party fodder, it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

    1. I think you might be reading a little too much into this party? It's a PARTY. It's for fun. Some people like NWA. I am not one of them, but I have clients who choose their own party themes all the time and I don't complain about their choices. I am not endorsing NWA by making a parental advisory chocolate bar. Calm down.

  2. Pretty cool party. Where did you get the chains and boomboxes? What about the backdrop?

  3. Are those the favor boxes on top of the tins on the table?

  4. how can I order this dj stand from u with the speakers

    1. Those are from There is a link in the blog post.


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