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{My Parties} Sadie's Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Party

A Harry Potter themed party is one of those themes that is perfect for a boy or a girl! And, it's also a great theme for older kids! My 6 year old is just now getting into watching all the movies, but I love them too!
When Sadie's mom called me about creating a Harry Potter Party for her, I jumped at the chance to do another one. This is such a fun theme and I love doing them!
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I like in a cute little city in Tennessee that has an adorable town square filled with historical trains and landmarks, so it was the perfect place to celebrate a Harry Potter party on this beautiful fall day. I'm so super behind on blogging that this party was over 9 months ago! 

Since the old train station was at our disposal, I wanted to make the Hogwarts Express the focus of theme. Honestly that is my favorite part of any of the movies. I love the magic of platform 9 3/4 and the treats that Ron and Harry have in the train car. 
So, I set up the party in front of this old dining car in the square. 

I wrapped my main party table in stone patterned corrugated cardboard from Shindigz to mimic the stone walls of Hogwarts.
Then, on the front, I hung these awesome felt pennant banners from Dariti Designs. Each one represents one of the houses of Hogwarts: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. The best part is that they can be hung in Sadie's room later!

On the table, I wanted it to look like luggage was stacked and ready to go to Hogwarts, so I used a lot of fun suitcases. I found the Hedwig and the cage at At Home and snapped them up. Since this party was in October, I was able to source some awesome Halloween decor that doubled as Harry Potter's things. 

For our cupcakes, I picked up chocolate and vanilla from Frost Bakery and then my friend Brittany at Edible Details sent me these AMAZING fondant toppers for them. They are so insane that they completely blew everyone's mind. I love all of them so much that I can't even pick a favorite. 


The book pages are pretty dang impressive, right? 

And, if you are going to have a Hogwarts Express party, you need chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans right?  You can get these at Jelly Belly!
I displayed my chocolate frogs in suitcases to coincide with the theme and my jelly beans in a cute little bookcase. 

 The cookie master Amanda at SemiSweet Confections did another batch of her incredible Hogwarts House cookies for me. You can see my other party she did these for here

Aren't they incredible? 

Then, to keep tummies full, we also did some savory foods. I love naming ordinary foods after the theme. So, we had Chamber of Secrets Chicken (Chic Fil A Nuggets) and Weasley's Wraps (Chic Fil A Wraps!). What kid doesn't love Chic Fil A?

And of course there was butter beer!

When our guests arrived, we took the sorting hat out and let them draw a card out of the hat to be sorted into houses. The girls LOVED this. And it set then up into teams for our scavenger hunt later. 


After the girls were sorted, we had a friendly competition of a scavenger hunt!
Since our town square has a few fun items like a clock tower (Mrs. Weasley's Clock), a bank (Gringott's Bank), an English phone booth (entrance to Diagon Alley), and a locomotive (Hogwarts Express), it was easy to some up with some cute clues to go along with those!


When they were all finished with the scavenger hunt (the winners got Harry Potter socks!), it was time to Pick Your Patronus. I got all these fun necklace supplies and animal themed charms at Oriental Trading. The girls were able to pick the animal that represented their patronus and make their own charm necklace to take home. 


Then it was time for their very own game of quidditch. I made this backyard quidditch using this tutorial. It was really easy!

When the girls all sat down for their cupcakes and cookies and to sing Happy Birthday, I had the tables decorated in gold linens with black candelabras to mimic the dining room at Hogwarts. 

They all had a blast picking their favorite cupcake topper or cookie design!

We solemnly swear we were up to no good! 


Cupcake Toppers: Edible  Details
Hogwarts Banners: Dariti Designs
Cupcakes: Frost Bakery
Castle Paper:
Necklace Supplies: Oriental Trading


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  2. These images looks cool, thanks for sharing. If your little muggles dream of being witches and wizards, they will love these awesome ideas for a magical Harry Potter party.


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