Tuesday, July 25, 2017

{My Parties} Tuscan Summer Backyard Concert

Summertime is the best time for a party, don’t you think? There’s something about a late summer evening spent with your friends, dancing under the stars and enjoying great music that is just magical. My clients love filling their gorgeous home with their friends, family, music, and delicious food. When we were brainstorming the theme of this event, I thought a Tuscan Summer party would be perfect! You can’t beat a party with an Italian theme because everyone loves Italian food!

I love the combination of the classic red checkered tablecloths of Italian restaurants and the bright sunflowers of Tuscany, so that was the inspiration for this event. I didn’t want the red and white checkered cloths to be too overwhelming, so I mixed them with a lovely neutral textured linen with a little bit of sheen in the fabric. For the chairs, I chose a beautiful wood x-back chair with a real Tuscan feel. In addition, there are many touches of rustic wood in this design, from the bars to the serving pieces.

To dress up the inside of the clear topped tents, I wanted garlands of beautiful lush greenery hanging in the peaks of the tents. I love the way that it brings the eye directly up to the heavy bronze chandeliers. We did these treatments around the entries to the tents, as well as in the bar tent.

 Outside the tent, I used these beautiful Juliette sofas and chairs with a glass and metal coffee table and side tables to create a cozy seating area for guests that wanted to have a quiet moment. I picked up the pillows at Target and Home Goods. I love using items from all different sources to create the perfect event and these pillows can be used over and over at the client’s home!

We had a variety of live action food stations provided by Simply Delicious Memphis.
On the beautiful bar in the kitchen, we offered several fun Italian food items. One of the most creative and fun choices were the spaghetti and meatball bites. Other delicious items on the menu were Caprese Spoons, Cucumber Tomato and Avocado Salad, Caesar Salad in parmesan cups, polenta and arugula salad, assorted cured meats and breads, and live hand-pulled mozzarella. 

   Continuing the live food stations, our guests were greeted by our GreyGrey Designs and Simply Delicious Memphis specialty; the live strolling table. Our Limoncello lady rolled all around the house offering Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco and assorted Italian appetizers!  Strolling tables always delight guests. They are so fun to interact with and I love seeing the guests’ faces when she starts moving the table towards them. This “Limoncello Lady” costume, created by my sister, was inspired by old Italian travel posters and food labels. The lemon headpiece is my favorite part of this costume. 


  The most popular station was a live pizza station! Everyone loved seeing the pizza being fired in this fabulous built-in pizza oven! Guests had their choice of margarita, pepperoni, or spinach artichoke pizza. I tried them all! I saw a lot of men coming back to this station over and over and over! It was delicious!
I picked up this fun chalkboard at Hobby Lobby and then used a chalk pen to create the pizza menu. The chalkboard motif was carried through with all the live stations, as well as the food cards.


 And of course, there had to be Italian desserts! Our servers passed tiramisu shots and cannoli cups, in addition to live popsicle making!


 When the guests were all stuffed with this amazing Italian food, they were treated to a wonderful concert by Luther Dickinson and his band. I can’t think of a more perfect way to end a long summer day than enjoying good food, good drink, and live music! Mangia!

Photography: Creation Studios
Strolling Table Costume: Lyndsay Allen

Concept and Design: Brittany Schwaigert, GreyGrey Designs

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