Sunday, October 1, 2017

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Party

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I love designing Halloween parties. They are among my favorite themes because you can really go over the top with them! And everyone knows that I love going over the top with my parties. 
This party was designed last year for a group of teens. I loved scaring the kids and coming up with fun ideas for food that they'd love, but also be grossed out by!
So, I chose a haunted graveyard theme because I thought that was just adult enough, without being too scary or gory. 

The kids were greeted at the gate by this fun skeleton walking a skeleton dog, that my client got at Grandin Road. 

As the kids rounded the back of the house to enter the party, we had a few surprises in store. 
I hired a few local drama club students who were looking for some acting experience to scare the kids as they entered the party. 

The main party table was decorated to look like a cemetery. I picked up a lot of these fun items at At Home. 

I made a backdrop of foam headstones, and covered the entire table with moss. If you look closely, you can see a skeleton "rising" from his grave in the table. I surrounded the table with this plastic graveyard fencing. My favorite part of the party was this zombie lady. She was motion activated and she would light up and moan every time you got close. 

I had so much fun coming up with fun treats that teenagers would love. By far the most popular were these awesome forked eyeball cake pops by Bella's Bakery and Bowtique. These were GONE! 

Another favorite of mine were these "Raw Meat" Rice Krispie treats, also by Bella's Bakery and Boutique. They were so realistic that I think the kids were afraid of them. I had one mom ask if we were making burgers later. 

No party is complete without cupcakes, so I did some "Bloody cupcakes" using white cupcakes from Frost Bake Shop. I added red decorator gel and then some cute Wilton Cakes Sugar toppers. I put knives on some and severed fingers on the others! 

We had lots of fun, easy pick-up snacks too, like Halloween Oreos...

Halloween Chex Mix....

"Zombie Boogers" (Green Apple Popcorn)...

"Bloody Popcorn" (Cherry Popcorn)...

and Cheese balls too. 

And, by special request, a Halloween donut wall! 
Donut walls are super simple to make using peg board and peg board hooks. I kept this one simple! Let the donuts do the talking! 

And now for some party details...


To make the party really spooky, I got a fog machine! This really upped the scary factor and it looked so cool!

Every party needs good lighting and this was no exception!
I love the way these purple projection lights look on my table! Creepy!

These two party moms really got into the spirit!

Every real party has real people partying the night away and our kids had a blast with Al Kapone! He was SO great with the kids. They loved him! These are Memphis kids! 

This was my favorite costume by a mile. This kid went for it! Pantsuit goals. 

 Have a spooky Halloween!

Cake Pops and Rice Krispie Treats: Bella's Bakery and Boutique
Cupcakes: Frost Bakery
Photography: Peter Conroy, Creation Memphis
Popcorn: Oh Nuts
Printable Food Cards: Print Magic
Party Supplies: Shindigz

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