Wednesday, May 16, 2018

{My Party} Gone Fishin' Party

Do you have a little one that loves to fish? Fishing can be such a relaxing activity for kids and adults alike.  We live near a beautiful park and people are always there fishing in the ponds!  When I was looking for a place for this party, I knew that d park would be the perfect location! There is plenty of swampy grass around the ponds, which made the perfect backdrop for this party!

This Gone Fishin’ Party theme is so fun and bright! You can personalize so many of these items for your little one!  I added the birthday boy’s name to several of my items to make it extra special! The item I love MOST from this collection is the life sized canoe! I based my entire party design around this cute canoe. My idea was to have the canoe “floating” on the table and pulling up to the dock. I used these Dark Woodgrain Dock Pilings on top of the table too, to make it look like the boat was attached to them.

To make my table look like water, I used this three tier blue plastic ruffled tablecloth and then added Dark Blue Water Patterned Gossamer to make the boat look like it was floating in the water. Around the front of the table, I hung the Gone Fishin’ Cut Out Set on fishing line to make it look like they were “caught” on the line. At the end, I displayed three white lanterns that I painted to look like fishing bobbers.  I also love these oversized Rainbow trout balloons! They are so pretty and holographic. My little guy loved them!  At the end of the table, I used this Catch of the Day Standee which I personalized with the birthday boy’s name. What a fun way to welcome guests to the party!

I love brainstorming ideas for cute food for my parties and a fishing party definitely called for a lot of cute themed foods! I started with cupcakes, of course! I purchased red and white cupcakes and added these Fishing Lure and Bobber cupcake toppers and also some Miniature Fishing Poles. I pulled the actual hook off the end of the fishing pole for safety. And if you are having a fishing party, you must have your cups of worms in dirt! I displayed my pudding cup dirt cakes in these fun Metal Buckets. On each bucket, I hung a Fish Lure Keychain. I dipped some donut holes in red and white candy melts and put them on a stick to resemble bobbers and put them in these cute fish bowls with blue bag shred for another fun treat.  I displayed the cupcakes, the donut holes, and the dirt cakes inside the boat to make it look like the fisherman had all his equipment in the boat.

Every fishing party needs some bait and tackle right? I found this cute kid’s tackle box and filled it with gummy worms of all types, and of course some Swedish Fish, and some additional bobber and lure cupcake toppers for the kids to take home. I created two different favors for the kids as well. The first were these personalized treat topper bags filled with goldfish. To create a fun riser for my wooden plate, I used this Nautical Lantern Candle Holder. Our second favors were the Gone Fishing Candy Jars. I filled them with simple M&Ms and they make the cutest take-home gift for the kids. I loved using the dock piling standees to display them!

Hope you catch a Big ONE!

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