Friday, February 15, 2019

DIY Balloon Installations and Video

One of the biggest party trends at the moment is giant balloon installations. I have created quite a few of these fun WOW moments over the past couple of years, and today I want to show you how to make your own. I’ve developed a new technique that I think makes the entire process SO easy and I think you’ll love it!

Here is a list of the products you’ll need:
·        Electric Balloon Pump
·        5” Balloons
·        11” Balloons
·        36” Balloons
·        Monofilament
·        Oversized Sewing Needle

You can watch my DIY video to see exactly how I make these installations look amazing! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more DIY videos! 

They look great in any color!

I often work with other event planners in Memphis, doing installation work for them. It’s so fun to collaborate with other planners and really see their visions come to life. I recently installed some very fun items for a local event planner who specializes in Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. This bat mitzvah was for a sweet girl named Eliza who loves all things PINK. This party was pink from beginning to end!

Eliza’s bat mitzvah was held at Memphis Botanic Gardens. They have a great atrium with tall ceilings and windows. So, to welcome Eliza’s guests to her party, we wanted a BIG statement. So, I created this balloon installation with all colors of pink balloons to hang from the ceiling. When you are making a big balloon installation, it’s important to use varying sizes and colors of balloons to create texture and depth. For this one, I used hot pink, pearl pink, pink confetti, and hot pink neon in 11 inch size. Then I added 5 inch balloons in pink and hot pink colors. And, of course we needed some big ones too! So, I chose giant pink latex balloons as well. I tied all these together using balloon tape! It’s SO easy! I promise that you can do it! 

This party had divided spaces for the adults and the kids. To lead the kids into their area, we lined the hallway with FORTY 36” pink giant confetti balloons. It really created a fun way to funnel the kids down into their party zone! And, it covered some of the art and plants in the hallway. I like all my big balloons to have fun tails, so I attached pink tissue fringe (in hot pink and light pink) to the tails to give them some extra fun. Then, I simply taped them down to the floor with duct tape.

At the door to the kids’ area, I hung silver foil curtains from the doors to make the kids feel extra special!  When they walked through the doors, into their party room, they were in their own dance club, complete with hot pink lighting and a fun DJ set up! Each of the kids’ tables also had a giant confetti balloon as the centerpiece.

 Behind the DJ, we wanted to do a fun focal point and to also cover up the not-so-pretty draperies. So, I covered all the draperies with more silver foil curtains.  And to bring in even more pink, I hung these paper dot garlands over the foil curtains. Once the lights went down, it was time to party in pink!
Happy 13th birthday Eliza!!

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